Be Your Own Boss

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

  • Follow your passion
  • Work your own hours
  • Live anywhere
  • Protect your well being
  • Serve a lot of people
  • Have a lot of fun
  • Make a lot of money

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To be your own boss, you have to a passion and help other people.

To do that you have to get their attention with a great message.

Most of us have that. Yet we don’t know how to find it, communicate it, and package it.

Hi. I’m Paul Carter. And 20 years ago, I discovered my message. You see, I nearly died from what the doctors called “sudden death syndrome.” That’s how I got the message that life is too short to live the “caged” life.  Since then I searched for ways to live a more healthy, more honest, more passionate, as well as more financially secure life – to be my own boss.

I went down a lot of blind alleys…

and tried a bunch of things that didn’t work. But finally, I’ve learned enough to land in a beautiful place and on my own terms by sharing my passion.

What’s my passion? It’s to each small business people and solopreneurs how to succeed by thinking like their customers think. Simple! But not easy!

Now I want to share how I turned my passion into a lifestyle-friendly businessso that you too can share your passion, and live a more fulfilling, financially rewarding, and “feet up” kind of  life such as I enjoy.

I call it a lifestyle of “structured ease.”

Structured – in the sense that I make an important contribution. I make a difference in the world.

Ease – in the sense that I’m present and at home in every moment of my work and my life.

I pulled together what I learned into a 7 step Lifestyle Business Blueprint.

If you want to learn more about being your own boss by sharing your passion, and living the kind of life you deserve, check out my free eBook, The Lifestyle Business Blueprint.

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