Jul 212014

freetobeyouIf you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

from Natalie Sisson’s Blog Challenge

If you want to be free of the caged life, if you want to live on your own terms, and have a lifestyle business mindset to support that…

DO NOT open your email inbox first thing in the morning.

This video tells you why!

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Jul 092014

Why Blog?Did you know that businesses that blog get 55% more traffic than those that don’t?

Well I didn’t either. And at the end of his post I’m going to show you a system I’m using that I expect will double my existing traffic. So stay tuned.

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Jun 202014
If you’ve never had a hangover from participating in Google Hangouts On Air, here’s some tips on how to avoid one.

I had never paid much attention to Google Hangouts On Air.

It had always seemed to me just Google’s way of saying “Me Too” to Facebook. But I took a closer look when one of my internet marketing mentors Lou D’Alo  suggested it’s the future of creating vibrant communities online.

“OK. Let’s try it,”…

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Jun 072014

How to Build a Lifestyle Business Around Your Passion

Finding Your Passion Training Exercise

To download the exercise used in this video, just right click on the following link, and select “Save link as…”

Breakthrough Process Exercise

Welcome. I’m Paul Carter, founder of ClickBasics Internet Marketing and today our topic is how to discover and attract your ideal customer.

So how do we know when we will see our ideal customer? Well, we will know because you’re seen not as a commodity, as if somebody that’s going out and buying a new car. They have a whole bunch of choices to make.

We will be seen as having value for who we are. Why? Because we will have proven ourselves ahead of time that we have the best interest of our customer at heart.

So our customer is not going to put us through hoops. They’re not going to care about how much it costs. They’re going to say, “I don’t care what it costs. I want as much as you can give me,” because they know that they’re making an investment in someone who will give them far more value than we’re going to charge them.

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Apr 252014

Like. Dislike.All I want to do is change a word or two on my home page.

So I pull up my WordPress website, log into my dashboard and am about to click on the back end of my page, when I notice  there is a new version of WordPress available.

So as a dutiful website owner, not wanting to leave my site vulnerable to hacks, I divert my attention to this important chore. Of course, before doing so, best practice is to back up the site. Even though I have a regularly scheduled backup routine, I decide it’s best to do a fresh backup right now.

But wait! Now I notice there’s a new version of the backup plugin. So I need to update that first. Then I notice….. and on and on it goes, down, down, down into the rabbit hole. Half hour later I finally emerge and turn to my original task, to change a word or two on my home page. Is this how I want to live my life? How can I spend less time in the rabbit hole?

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Apr 012014

Delight ClientsGreat! You’ve got a website. Now, how do you promote it?

You can promote it yourself until you’re blue in the face. You can…

  • Get listed in directories
  • Get back links from articles you publish
  • Take out classified ads
  • Create posts on social media sites
  • Etc, etc, etc.

But so does everyone else. Ho hum! In this post you will learn…

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