Checklist doubles your internet marketing productivity in 90 days without burning you out


ClickBasics Internet Marketing Service“I’m spending a lot of time on getting our web presence down. So I did facebook, google maps, yelp and still need to do myspace, youtube and twitter (yuck). I am really not sure of the value of lots of this.”

Meet Susan S. Smart (S. Stands for Swamped)

Susan has been in business for several years. She’s very smart, and very accomplished. Her customers tell her how amazing she is.

She tries every imaginable tool to grow her business online – website, Facebook account, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, email newsletter, auto-responder, yata yata, yata.

  • She tries training programs by the gurus.
  • She tries delegating.
  • She tries automated internet marketing solutions.

Everything she tries takes away way more time from her core business than she can afford. She’s so “X”n burned out, that she wakes up in the morning feeling Oh my God, what do I have to do now? What newsletter deadline am I missing? How many posts should I have made to my Facebook page already this week? What online forum discussion am I neglecting?”

All she really wants to know is…

  • What steps will really pay off?
  • What’s the best internet marketing checklist?
  • What’s my very next action?
  • What can I get done in less than 50 minutes?
  • Will my stress level go down?

She’d give up her morning latte just to know that her next action will pay off for her business and her sanity.

So, how’s YOUR checklist working for you?

Whether you’re a Susan, or a Mike, you won’t have to give up your latte. Just click on the button below to get the burn-out proof internet marketing checklist I use for both my own and my client’s businesses.

This checklist will get you…

  • where you want to go
  • in bite-size steps
  • so you can see measurable progress
  • and relax knowing you are getting somewhere.

Double your internet marketing productivity in 90 days without burning out! Click the button below to…

  • access your free checklist
  • get a trial subscription to Paul Carter’s newsletter.

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Paul Carter

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