Keyword Research


Many people spend huge amounts of time and money building websites that nobody visits, much less buys anything from. The reason is they have failed to build around what people are looking for.

People use “keywords” and “key phrases” to look for stuff on the web. If you don’t know what ones they’re using, your website building efforts will be in vain.

That’s why…

Keyword Research

…is so important.
Market Samurai keyword researchI do my research using a tool called Market Samurai. It simplifies the task, saves me tons of time, and gets me traffic. The best part of Market Samurai is that it helps me find keywords that follow the Four Golden Rules:

  • Relevance
  • Traffic
  • Competition
  • Commerciality

If you plan on doing your own keyword research and want to build your business on a solid foundation, this is the tool to have IMO.

Get your free trial here.

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