Paul Carter


Paul Carter

Hi, Paul Carter here.

Don’t believe a word I say!

But it’s OK with me if you believe my clients.

At ClickBasics there is so much state-of-the-art information on how best to market one’s self on the internet. It’s very clearly expressed and I am now able to understand the direction I want to take. I’ll be coming back often to learn more. – Beverly Haberman, Communicate for Success

Paul helped me learn what I didn’t know, the details of SEO, Paths, website strategy (detailed). —Tonio Palmer Wharton Fellows Program & Independent Consultant

Paul gave me more specific ideas & examples of how & why all of the steps work. —Mollie Toole, Director of Sales and Marketing Yankee Inn

Paul’s worksheets helped me to individualize course content in real time. —Paula DeLaurentis, Web Designer/Consultant

Steps to building business. —Jessica Lesure Charles Phykitt Insurance Agency

Paul is thought provoking. —Justin Lowery, Independent Web Designer/Consultant

Now that you’ve heard from my clients, if you’re still interested, here’s what I have to say.

I believe everyone deserves the right and has the responsibility to share their unique talent with the world,  and feel like a million dollars. Your time is the most precious asset you have, and I am here to make sure you optimize it. 

I have this online business development program that will help you find clients that will pay you what you’re worth. It’s a really easy to follow program and has free hangouts, premium coaching sessions, modules, workbooks, and training videos. 

I inspire people to create freedom in business and adventure in life so that they love what they do and they live with purpose.

I work with those people who know there’s a better life out there for them, where they dictate their own terms for work, life and love.  I work with real go-getters who are prepared to go against the trends, to challenge the status quo, to confront societal norms, and rebel against what everyone else stands for in order to achieve their ideal lifestyle business.

How I do this is by showing my clients how to use online strategies, tools, technology, social media and world-sourcing to streamline their business and save time and money so they can truly live their life on their own terms.

I’ve written up a 15 page blueprint  – a 7 step process that includes strategies and tools to help you answer your questions:

  1. What is my unique talent that I should be sharing with the world?
  2. Who are my ideal customers?
  3. How do I connect with them?
  4. How do I engage them so they stick around to consider my offers?
  5. How do I create and promote sales offers that sell?
  6. How do I deliver outstanding customer experiences?
  7. How do I scale my business so I’m not forever trading my time for dollars, but can generate income while I sleep?

You can grab your copy here.

You very likely receive dozens of e-mails that promise you a path to successful online marketing. I know I do.

When I get on someone’s email list, I usually end up unsubscribing simply because I don’t trust their information…. or them! To me, they are nothing more than a name on my computer screen.

Who is that person on the other end? What do they stand for, and what are they against? Why are they in internet marketing? What’s their story?

Information alone won’t help anyone succeed with online marketing. Why? Well, there is far too much of it. So besides getting information, you need to be able to get that information from a reliable source.

In other words, someone you trust!

With that in mind I want to share a little bit about Paul Carter, so I’m not just another name on your screen. I am doing this because I truly feel I have some outstanding strategies that could change your life, and I am going to do everything I can to get you to read about them, and more importantly… act on them!

My Story

I was in trouble. My job at the retreat center was to get more online reservations. I was new to internet marketing, and most of my efforts failed miserably.

I couldn’t sleep at night. In the morning, I would struggle out of bed wondering what to try next. I would break into a sweat in the boss’s office, when I had to show him my monthly report, and reservations were not going up.

After ten years of trial and error, I increased the Center’s reservations by 800%. That made my boss quite happy. But at what a price! The wear and tear on my mind and body had taken its toll. I left that position determined that whatever new achievements were in store for me, the top priority would be mental and physical health.

Today, the biggest challenge is the overwhelming number of online marketing tactics and tools, and the limited amount of time to keep up with them. Trying to keep up with it all leads to stress and burnout.

In a recent poll of my clients, prospects, and associates:

    • 76% said they couldn’t get the number of visitors to their website they want
    • 69% said they couldn’t get their visitors to convert to leads
    • 54% said they couldn’t get their website leads to buy
    • 38% said they couldn’t get all the help they need for improving their website.
    • 15% said they couldn’t get their clients to promote their business.

So I researched this issue, and devised a strategy that allows them keep a high level view of the critical web functions from a marketing perspective and to focus on a just the very next step – one that will allow them to take the most effective action in bite sizes that they can live with.

I sleep better at night knowing they sleep better, too. I wake up confident and focused. I know exactly what needs to be done within a time frame that works today. The rest of the week and the following weeks I take one day at a time, knowing that each day is part of a simple but comprehensive 7 step blueprint that gives me the best bang for my internet marketing time and dollars.

And it turns out that this is best for my clients, too. So here’s my mission:

  • To help lifestyle entrepreneurs:
    • Clarify their message
    • Get it out to a lot of people
    • Enjoy their work
    • Do a lot of good
    • Make a lot of money

My Free Offer

If you’d really like to move forward quickly to reduce stress and become more productive with your lifestyle business, your first step is to download my free Lifestyle Business Blueprint.

See you inside!

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