Case Studies


Challenge: Increase online revenue

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health old website


Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health current website


The original Kripalu website (sorry, images unavailable) was primarily about products and services, and difficult to maintain. The first challenge was to create a site with which prospects could identify, and find content that is important to them. The second was to build the site that is easy for non-technical users to maintain.

Solution: Redevelop, and create content to attract qualified visitors. Make a look and feel where website visitors can identify themselves, and meet their needs. (The website was redeveloped by Paul Carter of ClickBasics when he was Kripalu’s Web Manager. Currently ClickBasics is  developing strategy for and implementing Kripalu’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.)

Result: In a ten year period, registrations increased by 800%.

Challenge: Increase Leads

Yankee Inn old website


Yankee Inn


The Yankee Inn website was experiencing fewer and fewer visitors and generating very few leads. The site was cumbersome to update, and there was no way to create a lead generation program without paying website developers to build custom web features.

Solution: Develop a comprehensive internet marketing strategy, and redevelop accordingly. Customer profiles showed the need for  content like  Things to do with kids in the Berkshires. So  such content is made available for families to download, as part of a lead generation strategy. Additional useful information is provided periodically by a newsletter lead follow up program.

Result: Annual sales increased by $85,450.

Challenge: Increase reservations

Federal House Inn’s website was difficult to manage, and therefore tended to be out dated.  Reservations were flat, as there was no internet marketing strategy.

Federal House InnSolution: Design a comprehensive internet marketing strategy, rebuild the website on a robust content management system, monitor site visitor behavior monthly and adjust strategy and tactics accordingly.

Result: Month’s reservations better than month previous year by 62%. Get the whole story.

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