My clients work with a wide range of budgets, which is why I try to provide a wide range of pricing for my services.

If you do most of your own web work,…

…but just need someone to run some ideas past and get my perspective, I offer help in 3-minute doses.

Hey Paul, what do you think about….

Hmm… Ok, here’s my initial reaction.

You can sign up for 20 doses at $4.75 per dose. Take them one at a time or all at once, however it works best for you.

If you ‘re looking for an hourly rate,

I offer packages at a reduced rate:

  • 5 hours at $80/hour
  • 10 hours at $70/hour
  • 20 hours at $60/hour

If you’re looking for a comprehensive service package,

I can provide you with:

  • A written review of your entire web presence for $1,395
  • Basic websites start at $495
  • Custom websites normally run from $3,495 up.
  • Complete 7 Step Online Marketing Programs start at $2,680.
  • Ongoing. weekly strategic consulting is $500/month 3 months minimum.
  • Initial telephone consultation $47. More info…
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