Thanks, Paul, for helping me to increase my presence on the web and attract more motivated clients to work with me. Clients regularly comment on how much they like my website since you redesigned it. It’s user friendly and has doubled my clientele. Your patience and persistence working with me, one who lives in a metaphysical world and is resistant to the technological one, is commendable. I know, going forward, as I continue to follow your advice, that more people will find me and value the services I offer. – Carol McGlinchey, www.spiritmessages.org

When you are stuck, I mean in the mud of thinking how to make a digital impact on your audience, Paul is the man. He has a unique manner of asking the right questions which help make sense out of your passion. Just by dialoguing with Paul, you will find yourself creating thoughts and ideas that will absolutely make an impact in your business, with your customers and on your website. -Gena Rotas, Training Participant

You are such a gift! The Virtual Coffee Break meeting you did tonight helped me immeasurably by clearly leading me through the steps to identify my “secret sauce” as the basis for what I will offer my clients. What made this so useful was your ability to listen to my thoughts, hear the main ideas in them, then lead me in the right direction. You helped me see what I’m offering with more clarity and gave me a system to work with. A huge THANK YOU!!! – Beverly Haberman, Training Participant

You generously shared information that was rational, practical, and very smart. I learned some things I can use right away, and that is the mark of a successful workshop.
—Jerry Posner, Training Participant

Paul is a pleasure to work with. He has a disciplined, methodical approach that keeps projects well managed and moving forward. He’s open-minded and keeps up on what’s current in Web site technology, always striving for industry ’best practices.’ I whole heartedly recommend speaking to Paul about your Web needs.
—Tom Rocco, Former Vice President, Marketing and Communications Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Paul gets it. He understands the interactive space, the importance of user-centered design and the overall customer lifecycle, as it relates to online marketing and sales.
—Rick Machanic, CEO Tag New Media

Paul demonstrates a broad knowledge of web programming and operations, and understands the business behind it as well. His patience, attention to detail, and positive attitude make working with Paul a pleasure.
—Dave Winzler, Director, Microseeds LLC

It has been eight years since you created our web site, and our club has benefited greatly from it. Attendance at our events is greatly attributed to the web site in getting the details to our members and the general public.
—Harvey Waller, President, Colonial Carriage and Driving Society

One of my tasks was to get a website up. I knew nothing about how to do that, until Paul came along. In 3 months we had our site up and running!.
—Eileen Quinn, Administrative Coordinator, Women’s Interfaith Institute in the Berkshires

You have made it possible for me to have a visitor friendly and manageable site. I recently attended a Marketing On-Line workshop which demonstrated just how good my site is. You have spent the time and had the patience to teach me to manage the content of the site, to size and place images, to make new pages and list product pages for viewing by using programs you designed. You also taught me basics about marketing, goals and keeping account of statistics, all of which have made my own efforts more productive.
—Elsa Karr, Training Participant

I learned the basics of laying the foundation before going further with websites and social media. —Kim Berber, Training Participant

Expanded and informed my understanding of online marketing. —Catherine Folkers, Training Participant

I feel more empowered to use internet marketing tools. –Mary Cinque, Training Participant

Intro to possibilities of the internet in a simple and enthusiastic presentation! —Carla, Training Participant

Helped in thinking about how to make my website do what I want. —Dr. Margaret Carlough, Training Participant

Understanding that it is important to know the business and the buyer before mailing or creating strategy. —Mel Maliki, Training Participant

Learning how to use analytics to measure success/failure of site. — Training Participant

Orderliness and conciseness of material. —Maggie, Training Participant

I especially appreciate your process suggestions. —Will Ryan, Training Participant

I loved the whole program. —Paul Ambrose, Training Participant

Overview of marketing on the internet and change. —Marie Jackson, Training Participant

Clear goals. —Joanne Deutch Funding The Arts, Training Participant

Create a custom solution that will delight you and your clients now.

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