Virtual CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

You’d love to have an experienced, senior level executive driving your marketing strategy and planning. But it’s simply not feasible to add that type of position on a full time basis. Nor is it necessary.

A full time CMO isn’t necessary because…

ClickBasics can be your Virtual Marketing Director.

We will do the analysis and planning, develop budgets, develop project plans, monitor progress and track results.

Basically we are your “on call” marketing department.

  • Review existing business and plans with recommendations
  • Develop calendar
  • Develop project plans
  • Supervise project implementation
  • Liaison with external marketing resources
  • On call consultation via phone and email
  • Participation in meetings pertaining to marketing during on site visits or via conference call
  • Provide marketing strategy updates to Senior Management and Board of Directors

The package is designed to fulfill an unmet need in the leadership of your company’s marketing program

  • in a broad or narrow way
  • on a temporary or longer-term basis
  • to ensure marketing program investment is reaching its highest potential.

Improve the results and ROI of Marketing in your business.

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