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website developmentGone are the days when it took months and a team of website development geniuses to build an effective website. Now we have WordPress, a powerful full-fledged website development tool, which n the right hosting environment, can have you up and running in minutes with the click of a few buttons. You can choose your own look and feel. You can even plug in sophisticated functions like forms for capturing leads, and shopping carts for eCommerce. Then you change images, text, and other content yourself on the fly.

But all this ease and sophistication comes with a price.

It’s very easy to create a website that looks terrific, but doesn’t work at all for your customers or your business. The internet is littered with sites that please the owners’ eye well enough. But when it comes down to the bottom line, the vast majority of business websites don’t produce a single lead or a dime.

Success on the internet today is not so much about technology, as it is about psychology. It’s not about websites, and Facebook, and Twitter, and all the latest shiny objects. It’s about the value you provide to a clearly defined niche who will pay for what you do well.

That said…

ClickBasics’s website development service will help you build an affordable and effective website as the anchor for an online presence attuned to the psychology of your ideal prospect.

We’re not just website developers. First, we’re marketers. We’ll recommend resources that will help you understand today’s online customer psychology and behavior, so you can make wise choices about marketing strategy and a website design that supports it. We’ll help you put in place the kind of website that builds on these basics, and makes it all work for you, your customers, and your business.


Our prices start at $2,000 for a basic installation. This includes our recommendations and implementation of

  • Up to two hours planning (Formal strategic plan $1,200 additional)
  • Themes (look and feel)
  • Basic plugins (features that enhance the basic installation)
  • Installation of up to 10 pages of content ($200 each additional)
  • One month unlimited support and training after launch

Additionally, we can help you

  • Customize the look and feel
  • Add lead generation forms and/or eCommerce functions
  • Add other plug ins of your choice
  • Develop compelling content
  • Optimize for search
  • Install web analytics
  • Monitor your web analytics and make ongoing strategy recommendations
  • Secure your site against hacking

Upgrade your web presence now.

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